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The manual (MA-120) Freestylist model has full height adjustment capabilities that are made at installation time. You will need access to the Freestylist in the ceiling in order to make changes after installation.

The MA-120 model is used when few adjustments are expected. The MA-120 Freestylist can change the resting height of the dryer using the adjusting screw. This adjustment can be done at any time. To make the height adjustment it must be done in the ceiling. This method is one for salons where everyone has their own station. If you change stations often then the remotely adjustable Freestylist may be a better option.

MA-120 Specifications PDF

The MA-220 like the MA-120 model is used when few adjustments are expected. The MA-220 is the same product as the MA-120 however the MA-220 has an "auto on" feature when the dryer is pulled down from it's resting position.

MA-220 Specifications PDF

The remotely adjustable (RA-350) Freestylist model has full height and tension adjustment capabilities. You are able to have full control of the dryer's resting height, as well as how light or heavy you would like the dryer to feel in your hand. These adjustments can be made by using a handheld wireless remote control.

The sleek design of the remote can be displayed in its holding case on the wall. When the remote control option is chosen, the Freestylist comes with an Infrared receiver which senses the signals sent by the remote control and relays them to the Freestylist.

RA-350 Specifications PDF

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